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  After the classic three rings of the telephone, I am greeted. "Good morning, Chupachups Lollies ltd. How may I help you?" "Hi, I'm a representative of Lollipop media Ltd. I was wondering if I could speak to your public relations department..." My tone is a careful cocktail of professionalism and desperation.

"I'm sorry they're in a meeting right now, can I take a message?" Dubious of the existence of the department I am looking for, the desperation prevails "Um, is there any way you could get me two hundred green lollies by Friday, yes, the Friday in three days time?" Lollipop media ltd was set up in an inspired moment, over an "after -dinner - discussion" about the implications of a new millennium.

We are a home grown and flourishing publishing company set up at the decision of my Godparents to unleash the creativity in their nine scattered godchildren. The experience has been one of the most exciting and obscure of my life. I have found myself writing launch invitations to Opra Winfrey and other such personalities, and have been enlightened to the fact that most green lollipops are imported from France! However, on a more serious note all of us have become increasingly aware of the labours of making a business "tick," of the literary demands of publishing, and of the joys of success. It was founded on the idea that the company will publish books and films, perhaps by the Godchildren of which it consists, but also of any enthusiastic artists we encounter. It has provided unique opportunities from all perspectives; some of us writing press releases, others helping with the financial accounts, negotiating deals with book shops to stock our first book, (which was launched on Friday 8th September,) accompanying the author to radio interviews, and preparing the food at last Fridays book launch. I could never have dreamt, as I solemnly started my GCSE year in September 1999, of the sweet distraction I was to be brought. My two hundred green lollies were for the launch of our first book "Strangers Corner" by Mary Hope Williams, which has so far been a great success. (They were in the end provided by Maison Blanc who drew all of their green lollies to the branch nearest to the laumch in aid of our cause! Green is the colour of the logo, which is a lollipop due to the youthful constitution of the company and perhaps the pensive face one might have as one sucks a lollipop[?]) Our other prospective projects include 'Walking with the Ghosts' about the island of St. Kilda a television documentary, a book retracing the steps on an ancient journey in Spain to the Alhambra, a poetry book and a children's story.

The nine Godchildren, who are also shareholders, range from ages of nine to twenty six. We have co-operated together by email and phone, across thousands of miles, from Yorkshire to the Costa del Sol. Our offices are in Wimbledon, where it is hoped the company shall continue to progress through many generations to preserve the youthfull input, and enhance the understanding of the competitive and creative world of business from an early age. What I have found so fascinating and stimulating, is the evidence that with a degree of motivation and devotion a successful company can become equipped to survive in the brutal world of business today within a few months of the ideas conception. One of the key factors has been confidence, mainly provided by Anne and Robin, the founders. I would never have considered inviting the characters we did to the book launch, but the longer the list, the better the turn out as it proved on the night! I will always have them to thank for the opportunities this has created and the communication with so many new characters and organisations. We hope you shall hear more of us in the future, at the moment there is a makeshift webpage at lollipopmedia.com which is to be built upon, to see who we are and the details of our projects. We hope that writing about us will not only be a good form of publicity but may inspire others to carry their ideas through against the odds in what can seem like a daunting commercial environment.

October 2000